Red Chilli Pickle

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Mithila Grih Udyog engaged in the manufacturing of food products like Pickles, Murabba and Chutney.

All items are prepared under hygienic conditions with the traditional pattern of Mithila.

We use only natural resources which is available in our surrounding atmosphere.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 17 cm

400g, 800g

4 reviews for Red Chilli Pickle

  1. Maryada

    Delicious taste and Traditional Aroma. Real ethnic home made pickle

  2. अमर कुमार झा

    मिरचाइ क’ अचार खाइते हिया जुड़ा जायत अछि गाम मोन पड़ि जाय अछि की कहि आचार त’ अचारे छैक जहिना खायमे सनगर तहिना अचार देखि क’ मोन ललाइत भ’ जायत अछि। वाह!

  3. Nitin Makol

    Being a punjabi, I’m hardcore fan of pickles. I have tried this one and became a fan of it.

  4. अजित आज़ाद

    उत्तम क्वालिटीक अचार सभ, सातु तथा अन्य प्रकारक वस्तु-जात सभक स्वाद हम लेने छी। हम मिथिला गृह उद्योगक नियमित ग्राहक छी। अहूँ सभ कीनू।

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